Savvys, I know that there are some of you that are ready to make a career change to a position that allows you to FLEX! If you have no clue as to what I am talking about when I say Flex, I am talking about the following. Having a job that gives you the flexibility to work on your own schedule. Giving you the ability to select which days and offices you work out of while at the same time you still have the opportunity to make great money.


Below are two career choices that will allow you to pivot to another lifestyle. Both of these careers will require that you go to school for no more than two years. We Savvys know that two years will go by really fast so do not let the length of time to complete the program discourage you from living your dreams. Besides, it is about time that you start making goals and reaching them for your own satisfaction. In addition to the programs being less than two years, these programs are also affordable. These are certificates that you can get through your local junior college. There are day and night classes available that will fit right into your schedule.


Some of you may be saying that there is no way I can fit those classes into my schedule. Do your research on the classes in your area. Go to the schools and talk with the admissions counselor and let him or her know your circumstance. You never know if there are any additional options unless you do your own research. Sometimes, to achieve your goal you have to MAKE things fit. It just depends on how bad you really want it. No need to continue to sit around and hope and dream that your situation will change. There is an old saying that goes like this…. THERE IS NO ELEVATOR TO SUCCESS. YOU MUST TAKE THE STAIRS. You can reach your goals just by taking one step at a time.


Savvys, read on below to see if one of these two careers will become a career goal for you. Or perhaps you know a young Savvy that can really benefit from this article and you can forward this over to that Savvy to read.


Dental Hygienists:
Median Salary: $72,330 to a high salary of $100,312. Depending on the market that you work in the $100,312 could be the average salary for your area.


Educational Requirements: Dental Hygienists are licensed by the State Board and therefore you will be subject to a State Board exam. However, do not let that discourage you. Once you enroll in your 2-year program and stay on top of your game it will be nothing to pass the exam and get your license. You can take the required courses at your local community college and save on tuition.


A Day in the Life:
Dental Hygienists do more than just clean a patient’s teeth. They work alongside the dentist. They start their morning approximately a half hour before the office opens. They look through the medical charts of each patient for the day and determine which treatment will suffice for the patient. They setup the treatment room and make sure that everything is clean. They take x-rays and they do several exams. In addition, they teach their patients the best methods to use to keep their teeth clean.


Over half of all Dental Hygienists that work in a private practice work part-time. Some may work at more than one office. Depending on the office that you work for you may receive a bonus with your compensation package that ranges from 3K-6K. This career is in high demand. The US Department of Labor states that as of 2014 there were over 200k people employed in this profession. Over the next seven years they estimate a growth rate of 19 percent.


Part-time is 20-25 hours per week
Full time is 35-45 hours per week


Diagnostic Medical Sonographer:
Median Salary: $68,970 per year to a high of $96,480. Depending on the market that your work in the $96,480 could the average salary for your area.
Educational Requirements:
It generally takes two years to complete a program and get your Sonography certificate. You can find affordable programs at your local community college. After you complete the program you will need to take a certified exam with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography(ARDMS).


A Day in the Life:
A Medical Diagnostic Sonographer is an ultrasound technician. These are the medical professionals that some of you Savvys see if you are pregnant or are dealing with a medical condition.  A Sonographer technician looks at your vital organs, arteries, veins and abdominal area. The procedure that they conduct is non-invasive procedures that do not cause any pain to their patient.


Ultrasound Technicians take orders from physicians that detail which body parts they need to evaluate the patient.  Once the procedure is complete they will examine the findings to see if there are any abnormalities present or if everything is normal.  They then send their findings to a Radiologist. The Radiologist reviews the findings and if they agree with the report they will certify it. The Ultrasound technician may also participate in biopsy and surgical procedures.


There are different areas of specialties for this profession such as Nuerosonography, vascular, echo cardiography, obstetrics & gynecology, breast and abdomen.


This career also provides you with the possibility of promotions as you could be the UltraSound Tech Manager for a hospital or clinic.


There is a huge demand for individuals pursuing this career choice. This is a career that you can take with you everywhere from state to state. According to the United States Department of Labor, over the next seven years, this industry will grow by 24 percent which is faster than average. As of 2014, there was a total of 112,700 people in this profession.


This career will give you Savvys plenty of flexibility with your work schedule. You can make up your own schedule and work with multiple doctor offices, hospitals or imaging centers. Some Ultrasound technicians work on-call for hospitals or clinics.



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