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Savvys, If you are having problems with your wireless phone charging at all or keeping a charge try these steps below to make your problem go away. I had problems last week with my phone not taking a charge at all. I would plug my charger into my phone and nothing would happen. I did these simple steps and my phone is back working like it should. No need for me to wait on receiving a device through the warranty program! Us Savvys really do not have time to be waiting on a new device to be delivered.

Step 1:

Go to your Settings on your phone and select “Manage Applications”. Delete all apps that you no longer use or have no clue as to how it got to your phone. If you have a ton of pictures transfer some of them to your laptop or a “G” drive. I had over 1,000 pics on my phone. Yikes!

Step 2:

Stay in your Settings of your phone and go to your software update section of the phone and INSTALL all outstanding updates on your phone. Who knew that if you did not keep up with your software updates that it will effect your phone being able to take a charge. Once you install your software updates double check to make sure that all updates are complete and that you do not have any additional updates waiting to be installed.

Step 3:

Power your device off. Leave it off for a minute or two then power it back on.

Step 4:

Now plug in your charger and see if it takes a charge.


If you done all of the above and you still are having issues you can always just purchase a new charger for your device.


Share with the rest of us Savvys the way you get your phone to take a charge when you are having issues. If you like this post share it with your followers on your social media. Stay Savvy.