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Savvys I am back at it again.  I always seem to change up my workout routine (that includes not having a routine)! I just want a routine that will seamlessly fit into my life when it comes to working out. I always had a love for ballet and when I was practicing ballet way back in the day I was always in shape. In fact, people use to ask me if I ran track (have not heard that question in years) and the answer was always no, I do ballet. That was many moons ago but I have found that the ballet barre is a great way to go if you want to get into shape.

Did you know that ballet is an athletic sport? Well, it is and that is why those ballerinas always looked toned and in shape.  That is why I am back at it again. I been researching You Tube and found countless ballet barre workouts that I can do right here in my home. I do not know about you but sometimes when I am looking at workouts on YouTube I like to watch the entire workout while sitting on the couch before I decide if that is the workout for me. LOL! By the end the workout I am like, I could have just stood up and completed the workout (or at least a part of it). However, I already knew what a ballet barre workout consisted of and I just jumped right into the workout. When I am talking about ballet for workouts I am not talking about doing pirouettes across your living room floor. The ballet barre workout is the workouts that ballerinas must do prior to doing all the dance steps on the floor. I did my first workout this morning. All the barre workouts that I found online use a chair as the barre therefore no need for a real barre. I used my dining room chair and proceeded to workout. I have been looking at plenty of before and after pics of people that practice the ballet barre and you can really see their muscle definition. I really like the ballet barre better than just doing regular strength training workouts. The workout that I did this morning also uses light weights! What a great combination. I am still going to continue doing my walk slim workouts but I will be doing a 70/30 split with the strength training being the 70 percent.

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