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This article is for both you young and experienced Savvys. If you are still working on your career goals and are feeling a little discouraged continue reading. I know this article will be a breath of fresh air and will give you some encouragement to keep pushing forward.

Corporate Thinking: Phase into your Dream Career

Do you know what corporations do in their downtime? They train and prepare their employees for the next phase of the business. Did you know that when corporations launch a new product they do it in phases?  They do not just launch a product and provide you with everything that you need at one time. They have a plan to bring you the product in phases. Think about the wireless phones. These Smartphone companies already know the latest technology that they are going to bring to you for the next 3-5 years. They already have the technology but they are going to release it to you in phases.

Take a page from these corporation’s playbook and focus on your career in phases. Phase 1 is preparation. Perhaps you are not working in the career of your dreams. The gig that you have now may not even be in the same field as your dream career. That is o.k. The company that you are at now is your preparation company. Make sure that you are learning everything that you can from that company. If they pay for your education or offer tuition reimbursement take advantage of their educational benefits. Write down your career goals and the phase for each goal.


Use your downtime to prepare yourself for your new career. There are plenty of classes that you can take that will give you the knowledge that you need to be a success in your new career. There are multiple platforms for learning that will be able to provide you with quality classes both online and in person. You just need to make the decision if you need a degree, certification or certificate to reach your goal. If you are not in need of a degree or certificate and you just want to gain the knowledge you can take these classes for free. If you are looking for free classes try going onto Coursera. They have tons of free classes and they all have the option of getting a certificate for a nominal fee.


While you are in the preparation phase go onto social media and join forums that have people that are in your dream career. If there are no forums available create one.

Research your Dream Career:

Make sure that your dream career is not going to turn into a nightmare because you did not prepare properly do detailed research.  YouTube is a great tool to use to do some research on your career. Go onto YouTube and search a “Day in the Life fill in your career. Look at the videos and make sure that this is really a field that you want to pursue. In addition, make sure that you do your research on the salaries that are available in your market for that field. To do this you can go onto the “GlassDoor” website. Just google “the Glassdoor and fill in name of career and salaries”.  You can continue your research on the Glassdoor and look at the various companies that have these same positions available and research the benefits, employee reviews and salaries for that position in your region.

Young and Experienced Savvy’s: Ride out your dreams and start your preparation now. Create a solid foundation so that when the opportunity comes along you are more than ready.


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