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Savvys, if you are looking for a way to glam up your look keep reading and you will see that these five simple non-permanent tips can change your entire look and they just focus on the eyebrows and eyelashes. These are great ways to update your look in one day and I like that these tips are not high maintenance glam looks.


I want to make note that I do NOT recommend that you do any of these procedures in a nail shop. Nail shops are just for what is states and that is nails. Besides I have been to plenty of nail salons and there are very few that stick with state regulated sanitary procedures. Besides, you do not want someone whose main gig is working on nails working on your face. I know that lot of you Savvys go to the nail shop and let them talk you into all sort of beauty procedures that have nothing to do with nails and pedicures.

I always recommend that you go to a spa/salon where all they do is specialize in beauty procedures of the face. An esthetician is an expert in skin care and that is the only person that I would let touch my face other than a dermatologist. For example, if you go to the esthetician to get an eyebrow wax, a good esthetician will use a tool called a Wood’s Lamp to thoroughly inspect your skin. The lamp uses ultra violet rays to look at your skin. Your esthetician will be able to let you know if your skin is dehydrated, if you have a bacterial of fungal infection or if you have skin irregularities. Enough of me getting on my sanitary soap box.  I just have a thing about unclean nail shops. There are so many nail shops out there that do not really care if they clean their tools or not.  I just want you Savvys to leave the shop feeling like GLAM and not DAMN what happened to me! Let’s continue with these glam procedures. Let’s start off with one of the most popular glam looks that is becoming very popular these days.


Eyebrow Microblading

Savvys that have thin or sparse eyebrows can benefit from this beauty procedure. Although, this is not a permanent procedure it can last for up to 1- 1 1/2 years. The purpose of this procedure is to give the illusion of full natural eyebrows. The procedure takes approximately 35-45 minutes. Your eyebrow artist will talk to you and ask questions as to the type of eyebrows that you are looking for and the shape that fits your face. Then, the artist will draw hair on your eyebrows in the shape that you selected. Next, the artist will use numbing cream so you will not feel as much pain. This is NOT a pain free procedure.


Some state that it feels like someone is scratching your skin with a razor blade. After the incisions are made then the artist takes pigment and fills in the incisions.  Once the procedure is completed you will see that you have beautiful eyebrows (only if you selected a great artist). Now your brows may seem dark when you first get them done but as they start to peel and heal over the next two weeks you will notice that they will lighten up 1-2 shades. Make sure that you do your research Savvys and get referrals before you select an artist that will be giving you a beauty treatment that will last over one year.

Eyebrow Threading

Savvys that like the clean eyebrow look or an arch shape can benefit from this beauty treatment. Eyebrow Threading is a beauty procedure that is popular among you young Savvys. The eyebrow artist takes a thread and doubles it and uses it to remove hair from your eyebrows. It is like the artist is plucking the hair from your eyebrows with the thread. The eyebrow artist will have you participate in making your skin taut by making you hold the skin right above and below your brows while he or she is threading your brows.  I do like this procedure because it is more sanitary then waxing and in addition, the result is a defined look for your eyebrows that looks better than just waxing. This procedure lasts approximately 2-3 weeks.


Individual Eyelash Extensions

Savvys with sparse eyelashes or wish to have long lashes can benefit from this beauty treatment. Individual eyelashes are one of my favorite beauty treatments. You can really bring out your eyes with this procedure. I also like the fact that when I get my lashes I feel the need to use less eye make-up.  The eyelash artist takes individual eyelashes and uses a medical grade glue to glue the eyelash to your own upper eyelash. The eyelash artist ensures that they separate your eyelashes and glue one eyelash extension on at a time.  The individual lashes are better than the lash strip extensions because they are lightweight and they look and feel natural. The procedure takes 1- 1/2 hours and it lasts approximately 3-4 weeks before you will need to get another fill to fill in the eyelashes that have grown out or fallen out.

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