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Well, it is that time of the year again. If you have young children then you know that the school year is close to an end and it is time to start reserving your child’s spot at a great summer camp.  I am a working Savvy and I have to find a summer school that will be able to accommodate both of my girls.

I am a believer that summer time is a time for your child to get a mental and physical break from the day to day go to school routine. At the same time, I feel that summer should not be spent with a child staying at home and doing nothing all day.

When selecting a Summer School program I always look for a program that will allow my child to have fun while at the same time provide great academic activities and be within my budget. I do not want my children going to the summer camp the entire summer. I do want to make sure that they get some time just to have fun and do nothing.  The program is only six weeks. My girls get a two-week break before and after summer school ends and that will give them time to just to absolutely nothing.

I personally like academic summer camps. An academic summer camp will give my child the ability to stay fresh for the summer.  The camp that I selected has the following courses for you to choose from based off of your child’s grade; math, science, swimming, robotics, music, engineering, cooking, karate, dance, language arts and a couple of other classes.  I also make sure that my children are placed in age-appropriate classes. I do not like when an academic program takes children from different age ranges and places them all in one class. In addition to the classes, they get to go on weekly field trips. I make sure that my girls get a great mixture of fun and academics and there is NO HOMEWORK!

You have to watch out for some of these summer programs. Some programs will state that they keep your children smart for the summer but, if you do not do a detailed investigation you will find out that instead of signing up your child for a summer school with academics and fun activities that you actually just signed your child up for an all day daycare. I have done that before and was not happy that my money was just going down the drain for the summer.

What to Look for in a Summer School

  • Camp start and end date
  • Start and end time
  • Types of classes available
  • Are the classes age appropriate
  • Do they place the children in age appropriate classes?
  • Tuition rate
  • Field Trips
  • Is there a discount if you have more than one child enrolled in the program.
  • Do not forget to go online and read reviews on the summer camp program.