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Just wanted to let you know about the layaway plan that I have been making payments on. Yes, Savvys some people still use layaway. Anyhow, while making payments on my new body, I was sitting here thinking that I need to double my payments if I want to be in my new body by Christmas. You may be saying to yourself what is she talking what payment plan for a new body? Humm. Well, I am talking about me getting in shape. Each time I do a workout that is a payment to my new body. The more payments that I put down the faster I can get into it. Well, I want to make sure that when I get into my new body that it fits in all the right places. I want to make sure that nothing is out of order. You know how it is when you try on a new dress and it fits and is your size but it just does not look right on you.

Hence that is the reason why I am adding weight training to my workout routine. Cardio is fine and it will work out my heart and open up my lungs but it is the weight training that will change the shape of your body. Back in the day when I was in the best shape ever I use to participate in a cardio class 4 days a week and weight training 3 days a week. This was before I became a mom (which is no excuse for me to be out of shape) but now I am making my health a priority. Anyhow, I was in great shape.  I am trying to get back to that shape.

I will add weight training to my routine three times a week. Just a 30-minute session. I was going to get a personal trainer. I researched the pricing and it was fair. However, I started thinking……. I know how to use the weight machines. They are not new to me. It is just that I have not used them since the last century! It should be as easy as riding a bike.  Therefore, I am going to watch a couple of You Tube weight training videos and use that to plan my routine. I will work out my upper body on Monday, lower body on Tuesday and do circuit training …. okay not circuit training just yet but I will work out both upper and lower on Fridays.  Between all these training sessions I will still do my Leslie Sansone Walk Slim DVD at home. I am still doing 2 miles 4-5 days a week.

Now, if I see that I am not making progress with this weight training then I will get a personal trainer, but for now, I will personally train myself. LOL.

I have a phantom membership to a gym and I am going to start attending on my lunch hour three days a week. Therefore, my children will be at school and I can get in a quick workout in the middle of my workday.