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Finding the best online degree program can be a little overwhelming at first but if you follow these 10 steps you will be on the right track in finding the best-accredited college program.
  1. Decide which degree program that you want to pursue.
  2. Google Master Degree Program Online.
  3. From the search results check each university to ensure that it has the proper accreditation (see note below).
  4. Compare the length of time that it will take you to complete the program.
  5. Compare the individual classes to ensure that they are up to date and relevant to today’s working world.
  6. Compare the Tuition amounts.
  7. Go online and read the reviews of the degree program from past graduates.
  8. Find out all the requirements for the degree program. See if you have to take any special tests to be accepted into the program.
  9. See if any of your previous credits (this may not apply to you) are transferable over to this program.
  10. Note all deadlines and start dates for this program.


Remember that state universities also offer online classes. Before paying for any online program make sure that the school is not about to go out of business.

You can go online to the Council of Higher Education Accreditation or the US Department of Education to check and see if your school is accredited.

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