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Walking is a great workout that is not hard on your body and you can easily incorporate into your daily fitness routine. I personally like it because it is easy to do and I can always fit it in my busy schedule.

According to the Mayo Clinic walking has plenty of benefits and they are the following; maintain a healthy weight, prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. To that, I will add my favorite which is dropping those pounds.

I like indoor walking and I use Leslie Sansone Walk Fit DVD collection. For those of you that may be turning up your nose at indoor walking, you may want to give it a try. ¬†Indoor walking works for me because I am a very busy person and it is easy to get a couple of miles in while the children are sleeping. While they are sleep I put my walking gear on, my favorite Leslie Sanson DVD and turn on my playlist on my phone with my favorite songs. My favorite Leslie Sansone DVD is the “Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles. You can customize your work out and select the number of miles you want to do in each session. I personally like the yellow mile. It only takes eleven minutes to do one mile. I start the DVD and put on mute and turn my favorite music up on my wireless speaker. If you do not know, statistics state that you work out longer when you are listening to your favorite music. I knew that a long time ago because when I work out to Leslie’s music I was struggling to get through the workout. When I am listening to my music it is smooth sailing.

Now, I am going to be honest here and say that from time to time I do fall off the walking workout wagon. I do not know why I fall off because it is too easy to do. Yet, I do fall off once in a while but the good thing is that it is so easy to walk right back into a routine. Right now I am currently doing two miles in the morning and two miles at night. I am trying to break up my routine to be able to get in four miles. If I was to do four miles straight then I may not be as consistent as I want to be. If I break it up to two miles per session it is easy to get it in and get a burst of energy throughout the day.

Let me know how you feel about a walking routine and share with us some of your experiences with either losing weight or maintaining your weight with walking. Share this post with your followers on your favorite social media. Stay Savvy!